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That's where I'll be. Come by and say hi!
Hi guys,

          I've been working at Disney for about half a year on a new animated series that I'm excited to talk about when the time comes. 

In the meantime, I've been doing a fair amount of life transitioning...moving to a new place, trying to get back into life drawing and generally trying to stay organized enough to maintain a place for personal work in my life.

          I was in a podcast recently talking about animation art, goth clubs, robotic singularity and a bunch of other cool topics, if you'd like to check it out please go ahead and leave a rating or comment too!
Urbance has stirred up a fair amount of controversy online for its vision of a distopian future with different attitudes towards race and gender.

I'd say few things are better at generating high-level discussion of social issues than art.  With that in mind, I recommend you take a look at the kickstarter and see what you think!…
Lately it's been hard to find work of mine that falls into the "allowed to show but more finished than a sketch" category, with that in mind I've created a sketchblog!   - it's just for fun, but if something gets enough attention it may get some extra love as a finished painting.

I'll be there all week at booth J24 in the Artist Alley. 

Come on by and say hi, buy some art even! I'll have most of my most popular work for sale.
SO I want to start using more reference in my figure work, but I want to use stock reference accounts that are explicitly ok with the poses being used for commercial work for free. Obviously I'd  credit the model and photographer in my work, but if I end up selling the illustration on a t-shirt or something I'd want to pick someone who wouldn't try to sue me or something. anyone have any good leads?
Come check out some art! I'll be front center of the Artist Alley at table 197 next to Michael Matsumoto ,with some dope prints for sale and a cool lenticular image I made. 18th-20th.
Hi guys,

when work clears up a little I'm thinking of releasing some notebooks or sketchbooks with some choice artworks of mine printed on the front. Maybe something I've painted, maybe something new and more graphic-looking that would imitate a leatherbound book or something.

I'm also considering releasing a small sketchbook/artbook of my older works on Amazon. Any interest/ideas on any of these?
Hi guys,

So the show we've been working on- the first netflix exclusive animation is now available to stream! If you like it, please take the time to give it a good rating, or even better a nicely written review! I've put most of my paint energy into this show for the past year, so please check it out hereeeee:…………
Big thanks to everyone who stopped by my booth at anime guys made it great! I went ahead and secured a table for next year because it was such an unprecedented success.

And extra huge thanks to :iconmkmatsumoto: for being an upstanding tablemate, and great artist. If you haven't checked out his stuff, take a look!

I'll have a few more exciting things to announce later this year...stay tuned!
This will be my 3rd year at anime expo. It'll be great to say hi to everyone, and I'll have more variety of work than ever before, Including some huge metallic Danerys prints, which may turn out to be an interesting gamble.

I'll be in the thick of things in  the corner area of C39. Feel free to come by and say hi to my tablemate and I.
I'll be at Carnival Noir this weekend selling prints. It's at the Dragonfly right off Sunset in Hollywood. More info is available here !…

Come by and say hi!

As convention season looms nearer, I'm looking for some good print stores online...I've been using but I'm open to new sites that do either great sales or have really novel printing ideas. (special shaped stickers, metallic paper, holograms, coasters, ect)

Also, here's a trailer for the Axe Cop TV show you should totally check out…
UPDATE: Looks like I'll be splitting a table with

Thanks to everyone who messaged me with offers, I really appreciate it!

I waited too long, and it looks like artist alley tables are all filled up for Anime Expo this year in downtown LA.

I did pretty well there last year, so it would be a shame if I couldn't sell again this time. If anyone already has a table and would like someone to split it with them, let me know and I'll gladly pay half the $$$. I have my own pvc setup, but will gladly work around someone elses display, too. I also bring lots of canned coffee to these things, which you'd be welcome to.

Send me a PM if you've already reserved a table and are interested...we'll figure it out!
You can find me and Joe Pi at table TT13 at the CTN convention in Burbank this weekend! (November 16th-18th)

a little more info available here:

I'll have a big old portfolio of Mororcity BG's and a few new pieces of art to sell. Hope to see you there!
Some of you may have already seen Electric city on Yahoo…

It was my first animation job, and I ended up painting the majority of the backgrounds for the web series. It was a very challenging, but very rewarding experience for me. I learned a lot, and was deeply humbled by the caliber of talent I worked with during the production.

Since it's pretty high-profile work, I'll be putting it up on Tumblr instead of Deviantart, along with some Motorcity backgrounds eventually too.

Feel free to check them out/ note me…

In other news, I'm looking to table at a few more conventions out here in LA before the end of the year. If anyone knows about any, feel free to speak up! I already have my eye on CTN...
If you're a fan of great animation and hilarious storytelling, you'll want to invest in this kickstarter for the Dick Figures movie:…………

The Creators Ed and Zach are an incredibly talented team, with ideas even bigger and better than their youtube phenomenon Dick Figures. If you want to help spur on a potential future John Lasseter or Brad Bird, getting this movie funded would be a great way to do it!

AX was amazing, a perfect storm of conventions if you will, and I couldn't have asked for a better time. Thanks to everyone who bought my prints, the girls across from us who helped us sell stuff, and all the new friends I met, as well as my incredibly gracious and awesome SCAD friends, who I will definitely be spending more time with in the future, hopefully while  running into more amazing bands from New Zealand in the process.
Thanks to everyone for all the kind words about the Daenerys piece! And a big thanks to all my friends, co-workers and the art forums who provided really great feedback...I didn't include all of it but I know what I managed to fix made the end piece 10x better.

I'll have it for sale at AX in two weeks, along with some original pieces. I'll be splitting the table there with my Warner Bro bro :iconcerberust:

The table position is currently J22, next to :iconamandakieferart:

...Come say hi!
I'll be in booth I10 at AM2 convention this weekend, with my co-workers Tim and Arthur.

There will be brand new prints (including the Daenerys). There will be sleeves for the larger prints!

Come by and say hi. Make fun of my fanny-pack. It'll be a blast!
One of my favorite episodes of our show we've worked on so far!

a preview from a press release…

Look for it at 9:30pm TONIGHT on Disney XD after Tron:Uprising! Hooooooo yeaaaaah!

also available on itunes!…